Strategy & mission

Trace, a KU Leuven – UZ Leuven platform, is initially funded by the Belgian National Cancer Plan and founded at the end of 2012. At Trace, we aim to narrow the distance between pre-clinical and clinical cancer research by developing and offering easy access to a viable and frozen biobank of PDXs representative for different human tumor (sub)types. By applying our unique set of PDXs, the platform plays a crucial role in the evaluation of new cancer therapies and stratification of patient trials by identifying relevant biomarkers.

On top, PDX models are of high value for a more personalized medicine approach and fundamental cancer research. Due to a close collaboration between the KU Leuven and UZ Leuven, transfer from human tumor biopsies to the PDTX platform occurs smoothly, efficiently and within the necessary timeframe. Simultaneously, clinical relevant information is permanently available and can be reverse translated into preclinical research.

Several aspects contributes to the unique position of Trace: the multidisciplinary approach,  the access to the expertise and knowhow of other institutional facilities as well as the involvement of several hospitals.  As such, Trace becomes an important player in the field of translational cancer drug development in Belgium and abroad. 

Finally, predicting the correct response of a patient on a treatment regimen will not only avoid high unnecessary costs in clinical phase but of most importance is in the immediate benefit of the patient. Our solution helps R&D departments in the oncology field to make the correct decision in leading the right therapeutic target to the market. 

An emerging way to personalized medicine 
in translational cancer research.

Trace PDX models

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