Trace platform

‘Narrow the gap between preclinical and clinical research’

The cancer research society is urgently requesting a more reliable and predictive in vivo model to increase the success ratio of early drug discovery till first in men registration. Well annotated Patient-Derived tumor Xenografts or PDXs maintain the majority of the human tumor characteristics. By this outstanding features, they narrow the gap between preclinical and clinical phase and bring translational cancer research into practice. This novel approach has a clear effect on the R&D oncology pipeline and is applicable in evaluation of the personalized medicine strategies. At Trace, we establish & validate PDXs of different tumor types and offer this unique in vivo collection to all different levels of cancer drug discovery.

At Trace, we aim to narrow the distance between pre-clinical and clinical cancer research by developing and offering easy access to a viable and frozen biobank of PDXs representative for different human tumor (sub)types.

The strengths of our team are the proven value of PDX models combined with the complementary expertise of our people. 

Since the core business of Trace comprises the development and application of a preclinical in vivo model, laboratory animals and more specific small rodents are the corner stone of our enterprise. They need to be treated and manipulated carefully.

Patient-derived xenografts (PDX) models maintain the original tumor characteristics upon propagation and are a reliable and predictive preclinical model.

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